A single golden leaf pirouettes
in swirls around the skeletal trees
Ghusty wind blows it away
towards the heavenly sky

Icy wind brushes past my cheek
clothes overloaded upon me
The weather is dire bleak
Here, on the lonely street, it’s only me

Clutched hands with fingers interweaved
gloves and jacket, Arms in contact
No words, eyes to eyes interact,
Oh, remember that feel!

A single golden leaf pirouettes
in swirls around the skeletal trees
Once, it was a duet of you and I
but the autumn wind has taken you away
from me, towards the heavenly sky
Now, here I’m all alone, like the single golden leaf,
pirouetting in swirls around the skeletal trees!




Pale face, fair coloured skin,
boney fingers caressing her hair.
Lean and scrawny the body figure,
breathing heavily with a nose a little bigger.
Scratching the wall with Nails, hard and rough,
sucked up cheeks with loud dry cough.
Hungry stomach ready to eat up a soul,
in arms holding a broken doll.
Messy midnight dark hair touching her knee
and lips like a dry and cracked up dying tree.
Take her away, don’t look at me with those dried up hollow eyes,
Mirror, mirror, don’t show me my silent unheard cries!

Free me


Behind the bars in a gloomy night
around the corner, an empty silver bowl lies
A hollow figure roams in the halls so dark
staring out of the window where the hounds bark!

In the heart having only wish to fulfill the dream
of flying over the world, so high,
passing the colourful flowers, landing in sky!
Touching the horizon or die in the reach
just never to be caged again inside the golden sticks.

Let go of the food, of all the luxuries,
green grass and the world so bright
is all that is dreamt in even the day light!

When all the aims and desires break down
that is when the heart pounds
so fast, that finally we hear a sound
howling bird says, open the cage and let me out
let me be killed by my natural enemies
or die starving on the skeletal trees
no longer make my wings flutter
let them rest in the flowing wind!

Why your ears can only hear me twitter
but not even try to understand my heart’s desire?
Hear the cry, hear the caged bird sing
Let me out and die in peace in open air, sky or land
and if you make me a caged bird dead
Do not make a mistake to bury me in a shallow grave
for my soul shall haunt you, night and day!


I’m in need of music


I’m in need of music
a music that will soothe my ears,
something that’ll reach my heart
and let it bleed without a fear!

I’m in need of music
a music that’ll reach beneath the lines
unravelling all the emotions
and making tears flow through my eyes!

I’m in need of music
a music that’ll heal the pain,
forget the loneliness and the strain
and leave a little peace to gain!

I’m in need of music
a music that’ll fill the empty space
fill the valuables or fill the trash
but help me find a better escape!

I’m in need of music
a music that’ll take me to another world
forgetting about the past blunders
erasing it or leaving it a little blurred!

I’m in need of music
a music that’ll help the memories unsew
taking all the bad and wrong away
and leaving me as a person, anew!

Foresty Night


I stand here on a gloomy night
with the canopy covering the star lit sky
dimly lit stars; no moon and no moon light
far away we can hear the wolves’ cry!

Clouds have fallen from the heavens to the earth beneath
creating a blurred hazy foggy path ahead
nothing can be seen, not even the surrounding heath
everything’s obfuscate, still I tread!

The trees grow scary, their branches like knives
grasses are growing fast, wrapping around my leg
run dear; run, run and dive
be careful, do not fall in a muskeg!

Something crawls beneath my feet
a dead silence in the midnight gloomy sky
open your eyes, you’ve fallen into a peat
tonight, everything has been so awry!

Strom, lightening and a thunderous sound
it’s in my mind, all these creed
to this fear, there’s no bound
wake up dear, it’s time to be freed!

Bury me not in a shallow grave

img_20170126_072338Bury me not in a shallow grave
for that is not my end
this is where the journey begins
for my body is not still, carefully pave!

Bury me not in a shallow grave
Let me rest deep inside the earth
where there’s no sound, no second birth
for in this world I was just another lave!

Bury me not in a shallow grave
for I’m not scared of the reaper’s scythes
I shall rather admire his frightening writhe
and let him take back the soul He gave!

Bury me not in a shallow grave
I hear the sound of final ringing bell
let the boiling lava pull me closer to hell
for I don’t want the Satan’s rave!

Bury me not in a shallow grave
for I shall now stand at the hell’s judgement gate
waiting to be let in and made a bait
and let the demons operate on me with a clave!

Bury me not in a shallow grave
for my soul shall never rest in peace
it’ll dig out the grave and haunt you piece by piece
So, do not dare to bury me in a shallow grave!

Love me for who I am

img_20170126_071907Love me for who I am
Not for my eyes nor hair,
Neither for my smile nor care!
For they won’t rapture you
But provide temporary Euphoria
Swoon the idolatry for me, no, please no!
Ardency, vehemence, is there a need?
Affection and sentiment shall have not a place in heart
If love shall be for beauty not me.
Amour shall rise if love be materialistic!
Love me for who I am
For that love shall last forever!